Oct 2, 2010

Birthday Recap

This year's birthday was absolutely perfect. The weather was beautiful, I got to spend the entire day with my two favorite littles, and then a nice quiet dinner out with Paul. This was our first time out on a date since Cooper's arrival. It was so nice to be able to sit down and visit over some delicious food without interruptions. Thanks for the wonderful night out babe!

Our day started with some cuddle time in our bed. Isabelle's gift to me was her sleeping in until 8:00... hallelujah! Lately she's been up by no later than 6:30 which means once Paul is out the door to work I have to get up (yes, I've been spoiled... it won't be long and I'll be up at 5:15 again to get ready for work each day). Then we just hung out and got ready to enjoy the beautiful weather for the day. I decided since it was my birthday I wasn't going to worry about doing any chores around the house so off to the park we went!

This beautiful park is Sunnyside Park. It is located right behind Isabelle's daycare. Her class takes walks over to this park on a regular basis so she loves trips to the park. It has ponds with ducks, fish, and turtles, a playground, a great walking trail, and some llamas and pot belly pigs at a bordering field. So when we decided to go have a picnic this was the park of choice.

We found a comfy spot right next to the duck pond and of course someone was much more interested in watching the ducks than eating her lunch.

Finally came over to check out what mommy had packed for the picnic.

Of course she goes for the animal crackers first.

Enjoying some PB&J and duck watching.

Looking for turtles.

Hello {creepy} sheep and Mr. llama.

Trying to get a decent picture of this wild woman was not happening!

Not a cloud in the sky!


After a couple hours at the park we stopped for ice cream on our way home... my idea of a perfect day!


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PegramPack said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday! PS - I love Izzy's sneakers!