Oct 28, 2010

Cry Baby

Yesterday Cooper was crying and I couldn't help but to think how cute he is... even when he's crying. I always post cute pictures of the kids when they are happy, clean, in their cute little outfits, etc. But reality is, that our lives are not "picture perfect" (or at least not all the time *wink*). We all have our melt downs and why not post about that too? (Well, for starters I don't think Cooper appreciated me snapping pictures of him while he was crying, but that's besides the point right? Right.) Don't worry, I won't be posting pictures of myself in a hot-mess because, well, that just wouldn't be one bit cute. ;) And for the record, the camera just happened to be sitting next to me so he was only crying for a couple extra seconds while I snapped these two pictures. I know, poor Coop, but isn't he adorable... even when he's crying?!

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