Oct 19, 2010


Isabelle has had a cold for almost a month now. Last week she was finally starting to get over it, but Friday evening began coughing again. By Saturday her cough was HORRIBLE! I waited it out one more day and then took her in to get checked this morning, (Whooping Cough is going around and that is the last thing we need in our household!) Thankfully, the culprit is just a virus and she should be feeling better in a few days. She is wheezing so we have to keep an eye on her breathing and future colds, but for now the doctor just thinks she's (in his words) a "happy wheezer". Meaning she doesn't have asthma and the wheezing is just part of the virus. Her cough sounds awful and is worse at night, but we are relieved to know it's just another cold that should pass soon.

The office was extremely full this morning so instead of putting us one of the rooms to wait she was given a mask to wear. She was not thrilled despite my attempts of making the mask seem really special and neat, but she was a trooper and looked pretty darn cute to boot! =)

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