Nov 14, 2010

Go Cougs!!!

Saturday we attended the first WSU basketball game of the year. We have season tickets this year and love our seats! The Cougs look great so this should be a really fun season! The kiddos seemed to really enjoy it too.

Let me tell you a little about the picture above...

Isabelle was very excited for the game and the weeks leading up to it all she could talk about was seeing Butch the Cougar (WSU's mascot). The last few times she's seen him she's cried. We arrived to the game early and she instantly spotted Butch across the coliseum. She watched him work his way around to our section as he was dancing and greeting other fans, and then he was out of sight for a bit. A few minutes later, there he was right by us! Her eyes started to well up and her lip puckered (he is a pretty big cougar up close so you can't blame her). Paul picked her up and I gave him a pet to reassure her. In the end she didn't cry and did let me snap a quick pick with him, but she was still pretty unsure. After he left she said, "I was just a little nervous, but next time I'll say hi and give Butch a high-five." What a little cutie! I'm sure by the end of the season she'll be hugging and kissing on him.
Coop hung out in the front pack for half the game, slept for a bit, and then looked around at all the people and lights.

Our little Coug fans ready for the game!

And here they are with the game faces on... so serious! :)

And here's the little cutie all excited to see Butch!

Go Cougs!!!

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