Nov 20, 2010


  • Cooper now holds onto my hair while he nurses and sometimes while he's falling asleep... love!
  • His little grunts and lip smacks while he sleeps... love!
  • Isabelle's sweet innocence... love!
  • The way she constantly wants to kiss and dote on her baby brother... love!
  • The smell of freshly bathed little ones... love!
  • Group hugs from Izzy... love!
  • Kisses from my babies... love!
  • Cooper's big smiles and almost giggles... love!
  • Isabelle's expanding vocabulary and use of new words... love!
  • Her new found love for princess and dress up... love!
  • The way Cooper just lights up when he sees his sis... love!
  • While in the other room, hearing Izzy talking to Cooper like I do... love!
  • Being a mama to two (in my humble opinion) of the most perfect and absolutely beautiful children... love, love, LOVE!!!
  • Don't worry, I didn't forget about Paul... I also love him more than words and the way he loves our babies too! :)

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CLewis said...

This post....LOVE!!!:)