Dec 8, 2010

Santa Butch

This is for Izzy. :)

We had Santa Butch visit our holiday party at work last night. She would have been so bummed if she knew she missed out on seeing Butch. She just loves him! Well, until he comes up to give her a high five at the basketball games that is. She talks about Butch all week long and watches him the entire game, but if he comes up to her she get all nervous and starts to tear up. Last game she did pet his hand and blew him a kiss while doing this cute little whimper while trying to hold back her tears in Paul's arms . Everyone around us was "oohing and awing" at how cute she was. I'm hoping that if she sees the picture of me with Santa Butch it will take her fears away this year when we go to visit him and Santa in a week or two. Remember last year?

Poor thing! I must admit, he is a little scary looking with those big teeth and eyes.

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