Mar 1, 2011

Half Year Birthday!!!

Seriously? My boy is half a year old? Already? How can this be?
Cooper celebrated his sixth month birthday on February 22nd and today had his 6 month well-baby checkup.

His stats:
17 lbs. even (50th percentile)
26.5 inches long (55th percentile)
Healthy as can be!

His latest happenings:
  • He can now sit unassisted.
  • Has three teeth with number four just on the verge of poking through.
  • Just as of this past weekend is back to sleeping through the night… those teeth were giving us all a heck of time for a couple weeks there!
  • Eats rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, avocados, bananas, and peas. (His favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas. His least favorite is the avocado.)
  • Loves his JumperRoo and books!
  • Absolutely adores his big sis!
  • We have started sign language. We are currently working on more, all done, milk, and eat. Isabelle loves to help with teaching. She grabs Coop’s hands and shows him how to do the signs. He looks at her like she’s crazy. :) Hopefully he’ll pick up the signs as quickly as Iz did. It’s so nice to be able to begin to close the communication gap at such a young age. We shall see!
  • Is developing into quite the little "talker" although nothing like his sister at this age. He's perfected the "ma", "da", and "ga" sounds.
  • Smiles and laughs all the time. Such a happy boy!

    Other than that, Cooper is still just such a joy! He is one happy and easy baby. I am so in love! Cherishing every moment as he’ll be one before we know it!
Looking up at his sis. :)

Check out those pearly whites!


Chrystal's Corner said...

6 months already?? Time is flying by! Isaiah just turned 9 months on the 24th...I know his first birthday will be here before we know it.

Glad to hear all is going well! As for the avocados, trying mashing them with the bananas. Works for us and have heard others suggest the same thing for babies that don't like avocado by itself.

Tatum said...

I know! So hard to believe. These little guys just grow way too quickly! Thanks for the tip about the avacados. Isabelle loved (and still loves) acavados. They are the best baby food around. Throw one in the diaper bag and as long as you have a knife to cut it open all you really need is a spoon. :)