Mar 14, 2011

Just words.

No new pictures. Just words today. I've been neglecting the blog again and as I'm sure none of you mind nearly as much as I do, I thought I should at least stop in real quick to let you know we are alive and doing well. We're enjoying life and trying to soak it up as much as we can as it quickly whips us around, twirling us from one thing to the next. We are busy, but we are happy. And that's all that matters, really. These two sweet kids of ours have us smiling and laughing none stop and we constantly ask each other, "How did we get such amazing little kiddos?" =)

Cooper is sitting, leaning, twisting, and reaching for things. He's a little crocodile on the changing table these days -- rolling none stop! I'm afraid he is going to be a real mover and soon! It seems like each day he gets more and more curious and mobile. He thinks he's pretty big standing up while holding our hands and has the sweetest laugh and smile that is to die for! Isabelle is just hilarious and comes up with the funniest things lately. I've been writing down her laughable quotes that I'll have to share soon. I want to remember these days (craziness and all) as much as I can. Everyone always says it, but it's so, so true -- They grow way too fast!

So here's to drinking up these moments, enjoying the small things, and living life to the fullest! Happy Monday, my friends!

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