Mar 31, 2011

A trip up north...

We headed up north to Papa and Gigi's a couple weekends ago and boy did we have fun! Deer Park still has that home feel for me. Every time we pull off the highway into town, I just instantly get that warm fuzzy feeling. Staying with Papa and Gigi is always a treat. They spoil us with delicious food and lots of love.
Isabelle was so excited that Brock and Avery were coming over on Friday. As soon as we woke up (at 6:00 a.m.) she asked if they were there yet. Of course they picked up right where they left off...

So happy to be together again!

Coop looks a little unsure. :)

Avery is 2 and a half; Cooper is seven months...

She's tiny and he's huge! Peek-a-boo!

Izzy and Avery almost made it without getting into trouble. The last time these two were together they were caught spraying each other with Febreze. The next time we turned around they had spilled some vanilla oil from a reed diffuser. Well, this time they did find the Febreze again, but we stopped them in their tracks. A while later Brock comes in to tell us they were in the dryer! I open the door to find these little faces... Oops! We've been caught!
Of course Brock had to hop in for a picture op.

(Why do I photograph these things? They then think it's hilarious)

I just LOVE Ave's face in this one.

Brock's in wrestling now so of course had to show off his new moves. Izzy was absolutely loving it!
Izzy off to the side just cracks me up in this one!
They just makes me smile!

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