Apr 28, 2011

Easter 2011 Highilghts

Izzy overcame her fear of giving Butch T. Cougar a high five! She loves Butch, but would always get nervous when he'd get too close. She always talks about giving him a high five, but usually chickens out when he's up close. But at the community egg hunt this year she was brave. I loved seeing my big girl so proud of herself!

Cooper got to color his first egg. I was a mean mommy and didn't let him get his hands in it, but as you can see he worked real hard trying to get to the eggs and dye. Next year buddy, I promise!

Isabelle and Dillon were great this year. They waited patiently for their eggs while they were dying and were very gentle with the eggs {for the most part... I think Izzy cracked a couple.} And Dane had a blast! He would hold onto his egg the entire time it was in the dye. If you look closely at the picture above you can see his hand in the orange cup just soaking away. He had an orange hand and a green hand the rest of the day. :)

How precious!

Cooper found out he isn't too fond of the grass or being put down anywhere outside for that matter. Soon enough he'll be digging and rolling in the dirt!

One of my favorite memories of Easter as a little girl was dressing up -- the pretty Easter dress, white tights, white shoes, big brimmed hats, gloves, little purses... ah, just love those memories! As you can see, someone else loves the outfit too.

You can't always get the perfect family photo and that's okay. At least we got a picture with all four of us. It was a great day!

Hope you all had a very happy and blessed Easter. We sure did!

Apr 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Putting carrots out for the Easter Bunny.
{Someone had to sneak a few bites!}

Carrots, note, and empty baskets ready for the Bunny!
{I love that she's old enough to get into this stuff now. So much fun!}

The Easter Bunny arrives!
{This is Izzy's hat from her first Easter.}

Happy kiddos ready to dig in!

What's this?

And the famous frog face! :)

What a fun Easter we had this year! Isabelle was so excited and after she saw her full Easter basket she kept saying, "Thank you Easter Bunny! Thank you Easter Bunny!" She was so cute with helping Cooper with his basket too. As she pulled each thing out she would exclaim, "Coopie, look! New pacifiers for you!" "Coopie look! New bibs for you!" So sweet. Since the weather was nice the Easter Bunny decided to hide the eggs outside before Izzy woke up. Paul laughed because he thinks we had one of the earliest egg hunts in history. Hey, I was a little excited! ;0)

After breakfast we headed off to church with the whole fam {minus Trev and Becca... we missed you guys}. Then after a quick nap headed to Tim and Erin's for an early dinner and another egg hunt; this time with candy and money filled eggs {thanks Grandma and Grandpa!}. It was a great weekend spent with family remembering why we celebrate this day in the first place. He is risen!

Apr 22, 2011

Eight months old.

This sweet boy is eight months old. That's only four months away from turning one. Is that really possible?!

Just as all the others, I am loving this stage! I like to call it the "shakin-and-a-movin" stage. :) He's not quite yet crawling, but he's finding innovative ways to get around. He rolls, inch-worms, and scoots more and more each day. He's as happy as can be and is loving the mobility. Don't let the innocent face fool you. As sweet as he is, I'm sure he'll be into EVERYTHING before we know it. He sure is a curious little man. Have I mentioned how sweet this boy is? Seriously, he is the calmest, happiest, most content little guy. His frequent drooly kisses, bouncy hugs, and excited squeals when I walk into the room just makes me melt! I seriously could not be any more in love with this little peanut!

Cooper's 8 month tid bits:

  • He's on his fifth set of double ear infections. Hoping this round of antibiotics clears them up and we're doing with these until next cold season.

  • Has seven teeth!

  • He is loving learning how to eat small pieces of food and loves Puffs.

  • Doesn't have a food he doesn't like (yet, anyways).

  • Loves to stand and is even trying to pull up on furniture (I'm not quite ready for this). :)

  • Is kept entertained by his big sis.

  • Loves to give kisses and hugs.

  • Favorite toy is anything he can chew and drool on.

Apr 21, 2011

A bath time first.

Isabelle has been begging for months to take a bath with her baby brother. Knowing that he was just too small, I continued to disappoint her with a "Not tonight, sweetie." This Sunday evening when it came time to hop in the tub, Izzy asked if she and Cooper could take a bath together. Now that he has perfected sitting I figured why not. She was so excited and he had a blast too.

Watching the tub fill up.

(Of course I had to snap a picture of that!)

So much fun!

Another first to check off our list. :)

Apr 20, 2011

Sweet {growing} girl.

Okay, this last picture just kills me! I mean, seriously. She is looking way too much like a big girl these days.

Apr 19, 2011

Sweet {growing} boy.

Is on the move and as cute as ever!

Apr 16, 2011


We love the weekends! Most weeks we live for the weekends. No schedules or deadlines. No rushing out the door in the morning. Just simple days spent at home. Time together as a family. Spending all day in our pajamas if we choose. Books, movies, dress up, mess making, mess cleaning, cooking, baking, dancing, playing, walks, cuddles, laughs, naps, and fun. Oh how we love the weekends!

Apr 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!

(Okay, a few words to go along with the photo... It was 66 degrees when we got home last Friday evening. The kids and I had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Good thing we did because it's been raining/hailing/flurrying here ever since!) Happy Hump Day and bring on the sun! :)