Apr 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Putting carrots out for the Easter Bunny.
{Someone had to sneak a few bites!}

Carrots, note, and empty baskets ready for the Bunny!
{I love that she's old enough to get into this stuff now. So much fun!}

The Easter Bunny arrives!
{This is Izzy's hat from her first Easter.}

Happy kiddos ready to dig in!

What's this?

And the famous frog face! :)

What a fun Easter we had this year! Isabelle was so excited and after she saw her full Easter basket she kept saying, "Thank you Easter Bunny! Thank you Easter Bunny!" She was so cute with helping Cooper with his basket too. As she pulled each thing out she would exclaim, "Coopie, look! New pacifiers for you!" "Coopie look! New bibs for you!" So sweet. Since the weather was nice the Easter Bunny decided to hide the eggs outside before Izzy woke up. Paul laughed because he thinks we had one of the earliest egg hunts in history. Hey, I was a little excited! ;0)

After breakfast we headed off to church with the whole fam {minus Trev and Becca... we missed you guys}. Then after a quick nap headed to Tim and Erin's for an early dinner and another egg hunt; this time with candy and money filled eggs {thanks Grandma and Grandpa!}. It was a great weekend spent with family remembering why we celebrate this day in the first place. He is risen!

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Chrystal's Corner said...

Sounds like you had an amazing Easter!