Apr 22, 2011

Eight months old.

This sweet boy is eight months old. That's only four months away from turning one. Is that really possible?!

Just as all the others, I am loving this stage! I like to call it the "shakin-and-a-movin" stage. :) He's not quite yet crawling, but he's finding innovative ways to get around. He rolls, inch-worms, and scoots more and more each day. He's as happy as can be and is loving the mobility. Don't let the innocent face fool you. As sweet as he is, I'm sure he'll be into EVERYTHING before we know it. He sure is a curious little man. Have I mentioned how sweet this boy is? Seriously, he is the calmest, happiest, most content little guy. His frequent drooly kisses, bouncy hugs, and excited squeals when I walk into the room just makes me melt! I seriously could not be any more in love with this little peanut!

Cooper's 8 month tid bits:

  • He's on his fifth set of double ear infections. Hoping this round of antibiotics clears them up and we're doing with these until next cold season.

  • Has seven teeth!

  • He is loving learning how to eat small pieces of food and loves Puffs.

  • Doesn't have a food he doesn't like (yet, anyways).

  • Loves to stand and is even trying to pull up on furniture (I'm not quite ready for this). :)

  • Is kept entertained by his big sis.

  • Loves to give kisses and hugs.

  • Favorite toy is anything he can chew and drool on.

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