May 17, 2011

{Isabelle Says}

Over the past few months I've been trying to write down the cute little things Isabelle says. I want to remember these sweet innocent moments forever. I've missed many, but below are a few that are sure to make you giggle a little. :) HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Izzy: “Mommy, how old is Daddy?"
Me: “He is 27, but will be 28 in a month.”
Izzy: “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it!”

Isabelle says to Paul when he asked her to do something, “You’re killing me Daddio!”

Izzy looking at the first snow of the year: “Ohhh, it is just so BOOTIFUL!!!”

While staring at the dish full of mini Cadbury eggs, Isabelle says, “I think my stomach sounds hungry.” {Oh yeah? Nice try girl… you’ve already had your fair share my dear!}

After my mom told Izzy she wants to be appropriate, Isabelle replies, “No, I don’t want to be appropriate! I'm Isabelle.”

Izzy says to me one night at dinner, “Mommy, Cooper isn’t in your tummy anymore. {Short pause} I want you to get another baby in your belly!”

As Izzy and Paul walked towards her classroom one morning she yells to me, “Bye, mommy! I love you! You go to work now and share with your DADDY, okay?!” {Hilarious!}

It was snowing {again} just a few weeks ago. When Isabelle saw the snow she shouts, "Yay, it's Christmas time again! Santa is coming!"

We were about half way to Diamond Lake one late afternoon when Isabelle exclaimed, “Oh, did you see those birdies?! I bet their flying to our house to eat our bird feeders seeders.”

Out of the blue Isabelle puts her forehead up to my forehead and says, “You’re kidding me, mamma!” {With the cutest big grim on her face.}

After coughing Izzy seriously says, "I have lemon in my throat." {Translation: I have phlegm in my throat. Close! Haha!}

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