May 28, 2011

Our nine month old {as of May 22}.

He is a speedy little crawler {especially when he's headed to the bathroom... his favorite place in the house}, a babbling talker, new haircut sporting, finger chewing {still has seven teeth and seems he has been working on a couple more for a the past few weeks}, free standing, contagious laughing, big sister loving happy boy!
As you can see, Cooper is transforming into quite the little boy. As much as we wish he could just stay small forever, we are enjoying watching him develop into a little person and loving each new stage as it comes. He is still sweet as ever and happy most of the time. However, his impatient grunts and screeches when he is hungry and not getting food fast enough tells another story. Just in the past couple of weeks he's started to give kisses. His favorite person to kiss on is his daddy. He'll sit on his lap and kiss him over and over making the "awe" sound. :) Can't believe only three short months and we'll be celebrating his one year birthday!

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