Jun 3, 2011

An Isabelle update.

Wow! It's been quite a while since I've given an update on our little sweetie. As Isabelle gets older, I find myself not giving the fun little updates on her like I did when she was a baby. I'm much better about giving updates on Cooper. Maybe it's because when they are babies they have checkups every few months, they are developing new skills like none other, and hitting milestones on a regular {sometimes daily} basis.

Over the past couple of months Izzy has been such a little sponge -- sucking the life out of, well, life and soaking everything in. She's always been very observant and excited to learn. You can always see her little wheels a crankin' inside her head. On June 13th she will move up to the junior preschool classroom at school. She is so excited and ready for it. She's been transitioning into this classroom spending mornings or afternoons in with the big kids and has absolutely loved it! I'm excited for her, but it also makes me a little sad. I felt this way when she moved into the toddler room. It's just so hard to believe how quickly she is growing up -- she's becoming such a big girl.

Some of Isabelle's newest accomplishments/updates:

  • She is beginning to learn addition. She'll hold up two finger on one hand and one on the other and ask, "Mommy, what does two plus one make?" I ask her to count them out and she'll exclaim, "Three!" Then she says, "I know a good one. What does three plus three make?" And we go over and over this. Changing how many fingers we're holding up and counting them one at a time. So fun!

  • She loves to sing and dance.

  • She is recognizing letters everywhere. If someone has a shirt with words on it she'll point out certain letters. She also loves to be quizzed on what letter words start with. It is the cutest thing as she sounds out the beginning of the word and the excitement she shows when she gets it right.

  • Her imagination is hilarious. It is so fun to watch her play independently and hear the stories she makes up with her toys.

  • Just this past week she's started to say, "Hat and hat rhyme!" or "Ball and ball rhyme!" We then go through words that actually rhyme. She doesn't fully get it, but I'm sure it won't be long.

  • Her favorite movie is Tangled.

  • She's becoming more adventurous when it comes to trying {and liking} new foods. She loves all fruits, most veggies, and yogurt. We have to push to get her to eat meat, but she is starting to like chicken breast and roast.

  • Her favorite color is still pink.

  • She loves playing dress up {her new thing is to dress up for her "wedding"}, with her babies, and drawing.

  • She also loves to play with Cooper and keeps a great watch on him. Sometimes she's a little too bossy, but it's still pretty cute.

  • She can spell her name and pretends to write it.

I could go on and on... all in all, she is growing like a weed and learning as much as she can. It's so fun to have a toddler and to watch her as she develops into her own little self. Speaking of, I'm being beckoned to a tea party!

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Chrystal's Corner said...

I find it easier to update about Isaiah too...like you said, they are changing daily. With the older boys it is usually something funny they say:) Love these pictures of Isabelle...what a beautiful little girl you have!