Jul 12, 2011

Happy Summering!

Hi there! Why yes, we are still alive! We’ve just been enjoying this busy summer. From weddings to baby showers, swim lessons to BBQ’s, time at the lake to time in the backyard – we’re soaking up the summer as much as possible. The weather has finally decided to cooperate so we are taking full advantage.

Isabelle started swim lessons this week and is loving it. {I’ll have a post with pictures soon.} She’s even more of a little water bug this year than last! Over the 4th of July weekend we were up at my parents’ on Diamond Lake and she just loved the water. After Dillon went down the water slide, she said she wanted to go too. I was shocked and kept asking her as we walked down the dock if she was sure she wanted to go off the slide. She was determined, climbed up that ladder with ease, and faster than we could snap a picture, she pushed off and down the slide she went with a big splash to follow. As she came up for air she had a big grin on her face. She was so proud of herself and so were we. She's becoming such a big girl.

Speaking of getting big, Cooper is on the verge of walking. Just in the last couple of weeks he’s started taking 2 – 4 steps at a time. Yesterday, he let go of my legs and took five steps away from me before slowing lowering himself down to the ground and crawling away. I honestly can't believe he's already big enough to start walking. It won’t be long and he’ll be even more on the go. If his walking is anything like his crawling, he’ll be running everywhere rather than walking. That boy is quick!

Well, that’s about the newest and most exciting happenings in our household these days. I’d say I’ll be posting more frequently, but, honestly, I probably won’t. You’ll find me outside enjoying this warm weather and time with my family as much as possible because far too soon the students will begin trickling back into town which means only one thing – fall {and winter} are just around the corner. Boo!

I’m sure once falls rolls around I will have nearly a million pictures to upload and share, but until then, bare with me and my lack of updates. We'll be happy summering and hope you are too!

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