Aug 20, 2011


Cooper took a while to dig into his birthday cake. He plopped his hands down onto the top of the cake and kept them there for quite a while. He did finally put his nose down to the cake and got a little dab of frosting on his nose. He sat very seriously trying to figure out what his next move should be. Isabelle and Dillon showed him what he was supposed to do and he thought it was hilarious! After some prompting from his big sister and cousin {and Grandpa putting his hand to his mouth} he knew exactly what to do.

He sucked on his right hand while keeping his left planted into the cake. He sucked and sucked his hand until most of the frosting was off. You'll notice two big bites out of the front of the cake -- these were from Izzy and Dill. So Coop ended up not even really eating much cake, but he did a nice job of making a mess of it! It was so cute to see how he handled his cake so differently than his sister did on her first birthday. All done! : )

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