Oct 6, 2011


 Last weekend while daddy was off hunting we soaked up, what I believe might just be, the last bit of warm weather this fall has to offer. We decided we would have a day (actually just a morning) full of adventures with our girl guiding the way.

First up, the princess wanted to help make the breakfast of her choice, Cream of Wheat.  What can I say, she's easy to please.  

The little man is adamant about feeding himself. Which is great except that it means I have even more of a mess to clean up after each meal.

{Notice his poor red eye? His cold crept up to his eye, but fortunately only lasted a few days.}

Then, we were off to the park to feed the ducks. They were hungry and out in full force! Cooper enjoyed watching his sister as she enthusiastically threw bread to the hungry gang.

 Then I had the bright idea to let him free. This kid has NO fear! He went running right after the ducks and kept trying to go straight into the water. 
 The last thing I wanted to do was jump into that dirty water to save my boy so I tried to distract him by sitting him on the bench.
 That lasted about five seconds.
 Off to the playground for a bit and then someone was ready for a nap.

Next, we headed to pick some flowers! Just a short drive east out of town and into the open fields to the U-Pick Flowers Farm. Can I just say how absolutely perfect this place is? Why has it taken us this long to finally visit this little gem? We will definitely be back again.
 Coop fell asleep on the way there and slept in the car the entire time. So sister and I had some alone time to enjoy the flower garden.
 Girlfriend was in HEAVEN! She loves her flowers and the idea of being able to pick as many as she wanted was amazing to her.
 Although, she wasn't too found of the bees.   
  Seven dollars and an hour later and we had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers plus some sunflowers and a bag full of fun memories. Can't beat that!   

 The day was quite simple, but Isabelle thought it was the best adventure she'd ever been on. We took our time and soaked up every minute. We slowed down and just enjoyed the weekend. That's what it's all about anyways, right?

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? I think we'll go on another adventure. We'll see where our girl leads us this time!

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