Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! {2011}

First batch of the Halloween festivities... Enjoy!

 Pumpkin carving time!  
 "Hmm, this is interesting."
{This is the closest I was able to get him to the pumpkins and pumpkin guts.}
 Hair pinned up for curls on Halloween morning.


Happy Halloween!!!

 Strike a pose!
 Excited and ready to go to school!
 So sweet.
 Quick picture of the princess and the MAD dragon on our way out the door!
He was done taking pictures by this point.
 Plus, I'm sure his toes were cold... oops!
{I'll accept my Mom-of-the-year award now...}  
 Izzy and her teacher, Miss Angie.
 And a couple more of the princess from Saturday night's party. She wore her hair up like Cinderella and even wore some makeup. : )

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