Nov 30, 2011

Snow day!

We had our first real snow a couple weeks ago. Paul's parents and grandma were on their way over the mountains and it snowed all day until they got into town. Fortunately the roads weren't too bad for them. The snow only stuck around for a couple days and has since melted. No new snow yet, besides a couple skiffs here and there. I'm ready for snow now that it's almost December, but would be thrilled if it only stuck around until after the new year. Rumor has it, it's supposed to be a brutal winter so we'll see. At least it's fun to play in!
 First "snow woman" of the season. See her beautiful dress?
Coop checking the snow out.
Last year we set him out in the snow for some pictures, but this is his first real taste of snow.

 Sister's favorite... SNOW ANGELS!!!
 Momma's little man and Daddy's little girl.
Say, "Cheese!"
{Hi, Grandma and Great Grandma peeking out the window in the back.}
It was easier for Coop to get around on grandpa's shoulders.
Then we came in and enjoyed some nice warm hot cocoa with Grandma and Great Grandma.
 Now we're ready for some more snow days!

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Wordless Wednesday

Picture taken by Isabelle.

Nov 14, 2011

Let the Holidays Begin!

Last night we decided to put the Christmas tree up. Paul initiated it this year so of course I was on board. Typically it's me who is begging to put the tree up way too early. I always feel like Christmas just flies by so I love getting the house festive early. We were excited to have both kids help in decorating the tree and they were excited too. Well, Sis was excited; Coop on the other hand didn't really know what was going on (at first).

Don't let this sweet face deceive you. At first he was hesitant and just watched from the sidelines.

And clapped once the lights came on. But in no time he was an ornament snatching machine! No sooner than Isabelle put a new ornament on was Coop there to rip it off. She was less than thrilled. 

You see, sister took her ornament hanging very seriously and was such a great little helper.

I manage to pull Isabelle away from her duties fast enough to snap a couple pictures of our big girl. I can't believe how grown up she is looking these days. Makes me sad to see how quickly she's growing up.

Oh yes, back to the tree...
Someone was jealous of someone else being in Daddy's lap. Daddy quickly reminded her there is always room for both. I tried to snap a cute photo of the three of them before the Ornament Snatcher tried to wriggle free. : ) Then we were back to work.

Yep, I was there too. Isabelle snapped this picture of the two of us. Her new favorite thing is taking pictures so maybe I'll start to showing up in more.

And now we'll patiently wait for Christmas all the while trying to keep the ornaments on the tree!

Nov 5, 2011


Minus the drool soaked shirt.