Dec 13, 2011

Go Cougs!!!

We've been loving us some Coug basketball this year. The first game we took the kids to was a bust. As in, we had to leave two minutes into the second half because a certain little girl was being a complete pill. We decided to give it another go this past weekend. The game was at 1:00 on Sunday -- which is during nap time so we weren't too sure how the kids would do. They both woke up early Sunday morning and I was able to get them both down for naps by 10:30 {so unheard of in our household}. And they were both wonderful at the game! I snapped a few pictures on my phone {horrible quality, but oh so cute!}.

Could Coop's little face be any sweeter?!
  And check out our little cheerleader!
  Cheering on the Cougs.
On Thursday evening we took our annual trip to see "Santa Butch" and Santa at the WSU Alumni Centre. Isabelle was so excited to see Santa. She could hardly contain herself. Cooper did really well with both Santa and Butch. While waiting in line Izzy kept repeating to herself, "Butch is just a guy dressed up. I don't have to be nervous."
As you can see, she still isn't ready to sit on Butch's lap {she would not let go of her daddy}, but at least she's smiling. Unlike 2009.  

 And one with Santy. : )

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