Feb 24, 2012

Shy Willis. Bumpa's Boy.

There's a special bond between these two and it's the sweetest thing ever. 
Grandpa's nickname for Coop is Shy Willis. Cooper is pretty quiet and reserved most the time, but he plays it up big time when "Bumpa" is around so that's where the name came from {Coop being shy and his middle name being William. At first it was Shy Willy and has evolved into Shy Willis... for those who don't know, my dad comes up with the best nicknames around! : )}

The past two times when Bumpa has been over Shy Willis goes straight to him and cuddles silently for a good 15 - 20 minutes. He rests his head on his shoulder and doesn't move just hugs and holds on tight. He even fell asleep one time which is unheard of for this boy on the move.

Shy Willis sure is Bumpa's boy!  

Feb 1, 2012

Sure to make you smile!

Oh my goodness! I'm going through old videos and came across this one...
Now how cute is that? I could seriously watch this over and over. Shake it buddy! He obviously gets his dance skills from his daddy. : )

{Coop was about ten months old showing us his dance skills off in this video.}