Apr 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Have you wondered where we've been? Wondered why I haven't posted in nearly three weeks? Remember back in January when I briefly mentioned that big changes were in the works for our family? Well, here's the answer to all your questions... because I know you've all been lying awake at night wondering what the Weeds are up to {right?}. ;-)

 Our new home!

We moved into our new home on March 9th {four days earlier than planned which was fabulous!}. Since then we've been unpacking, getting our old house ready for the renters to move in, unpacking, had Cooper's tubes put in, unpacking, enjoying having company over, and did I mention unpacking?

Tomorrow will mark four weeks that we've been in the new house. Now that's hard to believe. These past few weeks have just flown by. We're finally feeling all settled and like we can relax a little and just enjoy our new home. The kids have adapted wonderfully and just love their new bedrooms and especially the playroom.

Moving is a lot of work {especially with little ones}, but so rewarding once things start to come together. We are so blessed that everything worked out with our house situation and we couldn't be happier! The family and friends who helped during the whole moving process, from moving large pieces of furniture to helping unpack into the wee hours of the night and watching the kids, were a godsend! We couldn't have done it without our support group.

Now, let us know if you're ever in town. I love giving tours of the new place! : )

More pictures to come soon!

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AllyceR said...

This is so exciting! Looks like a beautiful home, I can't wait to see more pictures!...and I WAS wondering where you were! ;)