Nov 13, 2013


Okay, I’ve started...


Over the first hurdle.

I can’t tell you how many times I clicked onto our blog, looked at how long it had been since I posted last and then just clicked the X at the top of the screen. “Is it worth posting again?” “Does anyone even read this thing anyway?” “If anyone did they’re long gone by now.” “I don’t even know where to start!” – Every excuse, you name it, I convinced myself to step away from the whole blogging thing.

You see when I first started this blog Isabelle was an infant. I was on maternity leave and then when I returned back to work I was in a position that was S.L.O.W. I had plenty of time at work and at home to think of post ideas, download pictures and write new posts. Fast forward two years… Cooper was born, Paul and I both had new-ish higher level jobs at the university, and Paul was finishing grad school. Naturally, my posting slowed dramatically, but I still found the time to post every once in a while. Another three years later and I was eyebrows deep into that “new” job. Paul and I were working long days. By the time we got home, fed the kids, gave baths, put them to bed, and cleaned up from dinner, it was time for us both to hit our laptops for some more work. Be jealous, my friends! 

Okay, so where am I going with this post? Honestly, I love blogging. I love keeping this electronic “scrapbook” of our family. I love sharing pictures and stories of our sweet family, but most importantly, I love telling our story. I don’t care if anyone reads it. I don’t care how many comments or hits I get. I do this for me and for my family. I love reading old posts and looking back at the pictures. I hope someday Isabelle and Cooper can read back and enjoy this little glimpse into our family as they were growing.

So, I’m back!

We’ve moved… oh yeah, we moved across the state just a few weeks ago and Paul and I both have new jobs. We have a new house and hope to be in it this weekend. Life a few  months ago was crazy. And hard. But we’re here; in western Washington! Closer to family and college friends! And in just a few short days we should be settled into our new home! Back to a normal routine! Can you tell I’m excited? What gave it away? All the exclamation points? :)

Initially I wasn’t thrilled about moving, but I knew it was time. Opportunities don’t just fall into your lap on a regular basis you know. I started a new job on November 1st and I am loving it! Paul has a new job too and Isabelle started kindergarten and we have a new nanny who starts on December 2nd, and there’s so, so much I want to bring you up to speed on, but I’ll do that when I post next… because I promise that I’m back for real this time! It feels good to be back! 

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