Jan 21, 2014

Bandwagon-er. And proud of it!

I’m okay with admitting that I have jumped on the bandwagon. You see, I’ve never really been into football and don’t foresee that changing. BUT I do love getting together with family and friends; eating ooey-gooey dips and chips; drinking refreshing beverages; coordinating my outfit with the rest of the people I’m with; having a rowdy good time; watching unbelievable skill and talent while supporting a team with pride; and all the competitiveness that goes along with it all. Especially if that team is winning. I may not love the very game of football, but I love everything that is associated with it. Does that make me a football fan? Maybe.

I love it when we win, but am not bummed for days after if we lose. I get nervous when the game is close and even scream at the TV every now and then, but I really could careless who wins. It’s a game after all, isn’t it? I understand people are passionate and it’s fun to have something you love and care so much about, but really, people? REALLY? I couldn’t believe the actions and words of people leading up to, during, and following the game on Sunday. You know, the one game that everyone and their dog is talking about – the Seahawks beat the 49-ers. {WHOOP! WHOOP! – See it’s fun when you’re rooting for the winning team.} It’s a GAME people!

And more than a game, it’s a business. An athlete knows he’ll make headlines and be the talk of the country if he says something controversial; if he goes crazy on poor Erin Andrews – but really, who asks those questions just minutes after a game winning play that takes you to the Super Bowl anyways?! But I digress.

I love seeing how a football team can bring a whole city, and even state, together. The Seahawks have not always been good {like all other teams} and, I have to be honest, I didn’t care one lick about them growing up or until I met my main squeeze. They weren’t good. Why would I care? But now they are good and it’s fun to watch them and get together and cheer for our state’s team. I even bought my first Seahawks shirt a few weeks back {at full price} because, let’s be honest, my Goodwill find from freshman year just wasn’t cutting it. Is it really that bad that I {along with so many others} are jumping on the bandwagon? What does it hurt? Personally I think it’s pretty impressive to see a team bring a city, surrounding areas, and ultimately state together for a common good. Now let’s just represent Washington for what we truly are. Let’s put that passion towards something good. Because at the end of the day, does it really matter who wins the Super Bowl? 

P.S. To those yucky fans who give {you fill in the team name here} a bad reputation: Don’t ruin it for the rest of us by being complete jerks! K, thanks!

P.P.S. Raise your hand if you’re a female who supports a sports team because:

a. your dad did/does
b. your ex-boyfriend/boyfriend/fiancé/husband does
c. You thought/think one of the players is sexy  

Okay, thank you. Case closed.