Oct 10, 2014

And baby makes 5!

Should we or shouldn’t we. That seemed to be the question for the past two years. I had an aching for baby #3 and thought the desire would quickly pass. I regularly teased Paul saying I really wanted a third, but deep down it made me a bit (okay, a lot) nervous. Were we ready for another? How would that impact our lives? We’d need a bigger car, that’s for sure. We’d also need all new baby gear because we donated all of ours before our move last year. Yes, it’s sounds scary, but I also know that with all the added craziness would be just that much more love to go around. I prayed and prayed over it and asked God to give me peace either way. We had finally agreed that we were content with our family of four. We had a girl and we had a boy; both were healthy; and we were accustomed to life with two adults and two children.

Well, come July and there I was with no period for three months after some complications with my Mirana IUD. At the beginning of July I took a test and was trying to soak in every detail – how I felt driving to the store to buy the test; how I felt waiting for the test results; what I would tell Paul if it were positive. And then, it was negative. I was somewhat relieved, but truly bummed. After that I prayed to God many nights asking that I would be at peace with what he has planned for my life and I just left it in His hands. If we are meant to expand our family then it would happen and if not then I would be okay with that too.

On July 31st I had a follow up appointment with my gyno to check in on the issues I was having in April/May. Since I still had not had a period they had me take a pregnancy test “just to be safe” as the nurse put it. Well, folks, I. Am. Pregnant. Holy CRAP! I am pregnant!!!

How will I tell Paul? What will his reaction be? When am I due? Is this for real? What about those few glasses of wine and mojitos over the past couple months? And what about prenatal vitamins? Oh my gosh, I have a third miracle growing inside me!!!

Little did I know that the pregnancy test I took in early July was a false negative because I was already 6 weeks pregnant at the end of July. This was a completely different experience than our first two pregnancies, to say the least. It was torture having to wait to find out how far along I really was and that it was actually a vital pregnancy. We praise the Lord for this little blessing and are counting down the days until we get to meet this baby! March 2015 can't get here soon enough!

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Allyce said...

Oh my gosh!!! So excited for you, what a miraculous surprise! Congratulations! Xoxo